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North West Landcare Mini-Muster

Group representatives from our diverse Landcare community are invited to join the bi-annual North West Mini-Muster.

This gathering will identify issues of importance to your group, district or region that can be advanced to Landcare NSW, and aims to ensure that representatives of the group are providing input gathered from their members.

Date:   Wednesday 23rd February 2022
Venue: The Crossing Theatre, 117 Tibbereena St, Narrabri.
Time:   10:30 – 3:30 including Lunch and Afternoon tea prior to your departure

Background Information:
The muster provides an important way for the grassroots Landcare community to direct the work of Landcare NSW. Information captured from this North West Mini-Muster will be submitted to the Landcare NSW Muster to be held 15th March 2022 at Tweed Heads, and is utilised by the representative Council of Landcare NSW to develop policy, programs and support services.

Whilst groups will have a number of issues or priorities that they would like to see Landcare NSW take action on, it is important to make the distinction between:

  1. Issues of importance to each Landcare group in their local areas (such as weeds, pests, biodiversity, production)
  2. Topics/challenges that if addressed will contribute to the value and support of Landcare groups and their ability to operate and meaningfully support and deliver to their local communities.

The focus of Landcare NSW’s work is on the second point above, this should be the focus area for any of the issues you progress through the Mini Muster to Landcare NSW.

For the 2022 Muster, the NSW Landcare Council has identified 3 key themes for discussion but if you want to raise and discuss other options this is also welcomed.

  1. Landcare Expertise.

Landcare NSW has set its current strategic direction at building the skills, competencies and abilities of the Landcare movement, our capability.  Discuss what you think are the key needs/interests at a grassroots level.  What matters MOST at the grassroots level?
For example, but not limited to:

  • Regenerative Agriculture – How can Landcare NSW help in this space?
  • Embracing Aboriginal Culture and Heritage – What can Landcare NSW do?
  • Seed collection and seed propagation – how can this be better organised in NSW with Local Government?
  • Professional Business Support – What do you as Landcarer’s want Landcare NSW to do to meet the needs of grass roots volunteers?
  1. Working Better Together – Partnerships:

Landcare NSW identifies the value of partnerships as a key to success, we collaborate and work together and that is how we get things done.
For example:

  • What are the important relationships at a grassroots level? (eg: LGAs, Rotary, Lions, other environmental groups, Aboriginal communities, local businesses, sponsorship). How can they be improved?
  • How can we improve the delivery of the NSW Landcare Program (2019-2023) now and in the future, and strengthen the partnership with Local Land Services?
  • What other relationships should be developed at a State Level?
  • How do you foster a good partnership – what are the ingredients for good partnerships and how can Landcare NSW help?
  1. It’s all about the Volunteers:

Landcare NSW is a member centric organisation, that works to build the position, profile and presence of Landcare NSW and Landcare in NSW at the State level.

  • What’s worked well with volunteer recruitment and retention in your area and what learnings can you share with Landcare NSW that could be implemented across the State?
  • What strategies do you think Landcare NSW could develop to assist you to attract volunteers to your local groups? Would you implement them?
  • What makes your volunteers happy?
  • Which state volunteer-based organisations manage and retain volunteers well? And what can Landcare NSW learn and implement from those organisations?
  1. Are there any additional topics you would like Landcare NSW to discuss at the 2022 Muster in Tweed Heads that will help Landcare NSW deliver better services to Landcare?
    • How, Who, By when.

RSVP and provide feedback to Craig Pullman at

TRLA monthly meeting


TRLA meeting third Tuesday of every month from 5.15 pm at The Moonshiners Bar – The Family Hotel

Regular Events


Friends of Moore Creek Cave Working Bee

3rd Saturday of every month from 8.30am, held at Moore Creek Caves Reserve (end of Maysteers Lane)

Activities which are undertaken at the MCCR working bee include:

  • Weeding
  • Tree planting
  • Tree maintenance
  • Native bee hive care
  • Seed collecting
  • Seed processing
  • Propagation & nursery days
  • Free local native plant giveaways
  • Social morning teas
  • Chat with experts on ecology, aboriginal culture of the reserve, bush foods and the environment

Facilities: No facilities are at this site.

Contact: Paul Moxon 0425 337 475

Tamworth Urban Landcare Group Working Bee

1st Sunday of every month from 8.30am, held on the Peel River

Activities which are undertaken at the TULG working bee include:

  • Weeding
  • Tree planting on banks and in-stream planting
  • Tree maintenance
  • Seed collecting
  • Seed processing
  • Propagation & nursery days
  • Social morning teas
  • Fish habitat education events
  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • National Tree Day
  • Bird watching and identification
  • Chat with experts on terrestrial & aquatic ecology and the environment

Facilities: There are public toilets located across the road, close to the CBD and a skate park to entertain the kids.

Contact: Paul Moxon 0425 337 475

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