Macdonald River Restoration Group


The Macdonald River Restoration Group has a simple and clear action plan for their stretch of the Macdonald River. Their plan is as follows:

1) Continue working on removing privet and cleaning up the riverbank on the south-eastern side of the low level bridge, where trees have been planted.

2) Spray weeds and growth on “sand slugs” near low-level bridge and further down behind the hotel. If weeds are killed then sand may wash downstream with next flood event.

3) Remove low-lying branch from Basket Willow on western side of low-level bridge

4) Cut off stumps from willows behind hotel.

5) Remove basket willows either side of weeping willows behind hotel.

6) Spray blackberries along south-western side of old bridge.

7) Clean up area along river below BBQ’s at Memorial Park.

To get involved contact Anne Doak at