Who Is TRLA?

The Tamworth Regional Landcare Association (TRLA) is the peak Landcare association in our region, and includes the Peel River and adjacent catchment areas. We work to support local Landcare groups with on-the-ground works for biodiversity restoration and conservation as well as promoting education, communication and sustainability.

Our Members, groups and volunteers are our most important resource.

Check out our Strategic Plan and Association Rules.

TRLA Committee & Staff

The TRLA Committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month (between February and November) to oversee and coordinate Landcare activities in the region. The TRLA Committee consists of up to 8 non-executive committee members elected annually at the AGM in October.

Contact Wayne Chaffey for further information or to become involved: info@trla.org.au

Committee Members


President – Wayne Chaffey

Vice President – George Macdonald

Secretary – Narelle Chaffey

Treasurer – Stephanie Cameron

Public Officer – Stephanie Cameron

Ordinary members – Maree Dodson, Lyn Allen, Jean Coady & Heather Ranclaud



Lana Andrews is the RALF – Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator

Craig Pullman is the RLC – Regional Landcare Coordinator

Project Officer – Susan Wilson

Executive Officer – Jacqui Gidley-Beard

Nursery Manager – Paul Moxon

Business Development Manager – Anne Michie

Nursery Supervisor – Julie Clancy

Bush Regeneration & Environmental Services Team – James Wood, Tim Duncan and Hagan Dunn

Landcare Support Program Co-ordinator – Ninna Douglas

Bush Regeneration and Environmental Services (BRES)

TRLA offers professional Bush Regeneration and Environmental Services to government, Industry & the wider community. The types of services that BRES provide are:

  • Bush regeneration
  • Target weed control
  • Seed collection
  • Propagation of nursery stock
  • Tree planting
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Restoration planning
  • Tree maintenance
  • Riparion and aquatic revegetation
  • Soft erosion control works
  • Consultation

List of Achievements

North West Rural Leadership Program 2018 & 2019


Growing the Next Generation of Community Leaders

Renewable Manilla 2019


Photo courtesy of Joanne Stead

Photo courtesy of Joanne Stead

TRLA partnered with Manilla Community Renewable Energy Co (MCRE) to host a celebration of 20 yrs of Landcare in our Region and the partnership between MCRE and Provenance to deliver a community owned solar farm in Manilla NSW.

240 people attended the 100 mile dinner and stayed on to be entertained by folk band Magpie Diaries.

Greening the Moore Creek Catchment


Daruka Riparian Restoration Project


Local Provenance 100 Mile Long Lunch Gunnedah


Box Gum Competition 2017, 2018

Showcasing the Beauty of our Community and Environment

Donate A Tree

2000 – 2016: Grassy White Box Woodland Large Scale Bush Regeneration Grant


$235,000 over 6 years.

Fantastic regeneration results and weed control results. Allowed TRLA to develop the Bush Regeneration team and provide employment and training for passionate landcarers.

3 reserves – MCCC Winton Cemetery Currabubula Cemetery = 78 hectares

Target weeding plans to tackle weeds which pose the greatest threats to biodiversity.

Funds also provided for 4 activities per year for community engagement.

Native Plant identification card set – To ID plants in GWB.

2015: New England North West Landcare Adventure


The New England North West Landcare Adventure is a program which has been run for the past 17 years to bring together Landcarers and landholders from throughout the New England, North West and Northern Tablelands. Each year this event is hosted by a different Landcare Group. 2015 was the first year this event has been hosted in the North West by Tamworth Regional Landcare Association.

The 17th Annual New England North West Landcare Adventure ran in 2015 on May 27th & 28th, and consisted of a 2 days of speakers, activities, workshops, field trips and the New England North West Regional Landcare Awards.

2013: Sustainable Namoi Living Expo


The Sustainable Namoi Living Expo was awarded Grand Champion at the Tamworth Community Sustainability Awards (presented by the Tidy Towns Committee). This award was specifically created to recognise the enormous success of the program, and the hard work by the committee, the volunteers and the project management team.

Tamworth Regional Landcare Association were proud to be a founding partner of this Program, and we thank our members Stephanie Cameron and Jean Coady for their ongoing commitment to this work.

2009 – 2012: Sustainable Namoi Living Expo


TRLA was a founding partner of the Sustainable Namoi Living Program including coordinating the annual two-day Sustainable Namoi Living Expo with Namoi CMA. This project has met with unprecedented success, and in 2013:

  • 1000+ people attended one of the Regional Events held across the catchment
  • 4000+ people attended the Expo over the two days
  • There were almost 50 exhibition sites
  • More than 200 entries were received for the Schools Competition and almost 500 children attended the schools’ program
  • Almost 100 people attended the ‘100 Mile Food Night’
  • The project has more than 400 ‘friends’ on Facebook and more than 400 ‘followers’ on Twitter.


TRLA was awarded a NSW Environmental Trust Grant for education and restoration of Grassy White Box Woodlands in the Tamworth Region.


TRLA was engaged by State Water to revegetate an offset area as part of the Chaffey Dam Wall Upgrade Project.

Become a Member

Our members often say that when you become part of Landcare, you’re not just joining a group, you’re becoming part of a family. The concept is so compatible with Australian culture it’s hard not to get involved! By becoming a TRLA member, you’ll be supporting our work, learning new skills, becoming part of the solution, and helping to make a difference for the future.

By becoming a TRLA Member you will:

  • Support the Tamworth Regional Landcare activities and projects (such as Sustainable Namoi Living and the www.trla.org.au website);
  • Have the opportunity to learn new skills and receive Landcare training (such woodland restoration and OHS);
  • Be covered by insurance for all TRLA approved activities;
  • Have the opportunity to join any of our affiliated Landcare groups and sub-committees to plant trees and pull weeds; and
  • Stay up-to-date with Landcare news and events by receiving the TRLA Monthly E-Newsletter and Landcare Social Media Alerts.

Annual membership is just $15 per person (from 1 July to 30 June). Membership fees are used to cover insurance, produce this website and distribute our monthly E-Newsletter.

Click here and become a member now!