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The perfect corporate feel-good Christmas gift for your clients!
As business owners, every year we  know you work hard to find and fund , the perfect corporate thank-you gift for your clients.

This year, we’re inviting  all businesses in our region, to do something different, yet long lasting.

Rather than a logo on a water bottle or coffee mug they will never use, why not put your hard-earned investment towards a gift that provides, clean air, ecofriendly animal habitats and  reduces carbon emissions. It’s also a gift that will last for generations. Even better, these trees will be given to local volunteers who will plant your tree in the perfect place, and care for it to survive and thrive.

Each tree you gift costs just $5 – how good is that?
For example, if you usually spend around $1,000 on Corporate Christmas gift giving
- that $1,000 will buy 200 wonderful trees.

Imagine what a gift of 200 trees will do for the local environment and habitats and how it will have an impact for generations to come. You will be gifting more oxygen, developing resilient wildlife habitats, and improving eco systems. Now that sounds like a fantastic return on investment! We will even provide  you with a digital gift card to send to your clients. By simply doing business with you, they are doing so much good for the local environment. Now that is a gift worth giving.
TRLA is a Not-For-Profit organisation run by volunteers, so it is all tax deductible too. Win Win!!

This Christmas, TRLA has an audacious goal.
We are aiming to plant 1,000 trees as a direct result of Corporate Gift Giving.

Let’s do this together. You gift them, we’ll get them and plant them!
Imagine the impact we could make if you decide to just give a tree!

It's a simple as this:
$1000 = 200 trees
$750 = 150 trees
$500 = 100 trees
$200  = 40 trees
$100 = 20 trees
$50  = 10 trees
$30 = 6 trees

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together we can make a difference

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