Gift a Tree - Family and Friends

$5.00 AUD
Approx $3.34 USD


For the price of a flat white, you can bestow a gift that echoes through generations.

Gift a Tree for $5

For just $5, you have the power to Gift a Tree. This seemingly small gesture packs a punch, contributing to a cascade of benefits such as increased oxygen production, the creation of robust wildlife habitats, sustenance for both people and animals, a reduction in the footprint of carbon emissions, and the enhancement of ecosystems – all for just $5.

More Than Just Trees

Your impact doesn't end with the tree – it extends to a plethora of environmental benefits. By gifting a tree, you contribute to more oxygen, resilient habitats, food sources, and a reduction in carbon emissions. It's exceptional value for a $5 investment.

Expertly Planted and Cared For

These trees won't just be handed over; they'll be entrusted to local volunteers who will expertly plant them in optimal locations, ensuring their survival and prosperity. As a token of gratitude, you'll receive a digital Tree Planting Certificate, sealing your commitment to the environment.

Our Ambitious Christmas Goal: 1,000 Trees

This Christmas, our aim at TRLA is bold – to plant 1,000 trees in our local region, and we believe your contribution can help us achieve this milestone. Picture the collective impact if we chose to swap a single coffee outing for the opportunity to plant a tree.

A 'Let's Donate a Tree Date'

Instead of a coffee date, why not propose a 'let's donate a tree date' – a small sacrifice for the greater good of our local environment. It's a simple, meaningful way to make a difference.

Perfect for Gifting

Consider this a remarkable Secret Santa Gift or an ideal present for someone who seemingly has everything. Encourage your friends and family to join this movement; it's a feel-good experience for everyone involved.

Your Contribution, Your Legacy

Let's unite in this endeavor – you provide the gift, and we'll handle the planting! Envision the monumental impact we can make if you decide to simply gift a tree:

  • $100 = 20 trees
  • $75 = 15 trees
  • $50 = 10 trees
  • $20 = 4 trees
  • $10 = 2 trees
  • $5 = 1 tree

Your contribution, no matter the amount, transforms a momentary indulgence into a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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Latest News

Wallabadah water forum


Following on from our first forum, we present

Dr Judi Earle & Professor Martin Thoms to progress discussion on best practices for water and land management. Wallabadah Public School, 3rd August 2024, 8:30 - 12:30. Catering by Wallabadah P & C. Free Event

Please register at https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/wallabadah-water-forum-ii-tickets-939270051007

Habitat augmentation

Join us for an engaging and hands-on workshop on artificial habitats and their importance in conservation on July 25th at Bendemeer Town Hall. Learn about modular nest box systems, specialized habitat solutions, and participate in field installations of various habitat structures. This is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding of sustainable practices and make a tangible impact on our local wildlife. Click the Eventbrite link to register and find out more. Bring your gloves and passion for conservation—we look forward to seeing you there!


Exciting New Resources for Education and Youth in the North West Region

Exciting New Resources for Education and Youth in the North West Region

We are thrilled to announce that Tamworth Regional Landcare is embarking on an exciting new initiative to establish resources aimed at education and youth engagement in North West NSW. Our goal is to inspire and empower the younger generation to take an active role in landcare and environmental stewardship.

Counting Koalas

Tamworth Regional Landcare have embarked on an exciting new project. To count Koalas in the region as part of a country wide initiative funded by WIRES. With the use of a drone equipped with a high resolution thermal camera we are seeking out individual koalas camped high in the canopy of their eucalypt forest habitat.

Junior Landcare Family Fun!

The winter school holidays are fast approaching. We have created a free guide for some awesome Junior Landcare activities you can do right at home that are perfect for colder times of the year.

Caring for a native garden in winter

Sure is cold down here at the minute in Willow Tree!   

Having moved to a “Plantswomans” garden with a LOT of native plants, I thought I better do a bit of research and see if there were any essential tasks I need to keep in mind.  Luckily, it seems pretty simple… there are a few photos below, and I take NO credit for the garden! 

Photo Competition now open

Submit your entry by Friday, August 9th | ONLINE

Join Our Exciting Photo Competition! 

Theme: Water in the Landscape 

Are you passionate about photography and the natural beauty of our landscape? We invite you to participate in our photo competition and capture the essence of "Water in the Landscape." This theme aims to highlight the vital role of water in our environment and inspire awareness and appreciation of our natural surroundings. 

What are the benefits of native bees and what can you do attract them to your garden?

If you want flowers or fruits in your garden, they'll need pollinating, and native bees are among Australia's most powerful pollinators.

Landcare Australia seeks NSW landholder/s interested in participating in a large direct seeding project

Landcare Australia is looking for a landholder/s who would be interested in participating in a large direct seeding project, in collaboration with one of our corporate partners, to plant 44,444 trees in 2025.

Our members often say that when you become part of Landcare, you’re not just joining a group, you’re becoming part of a family. The concept is so compatible with Australian culture it’s hard not to get involved! By becoming a TRLA member, you’ll be supporting our work, learning new skills, becoming part of the solution, and helping to make a difference for the future.


together we can make a difference

funding support

Did you know (TRLA) run an Annual Small Grants program for Landcare activities connected to the Tamworth region.

Volunteer Landcare and Grassroots Community groups can apply up to $2,500 for activities that meet an objective of TRLA’s strategic plan with eight successful projects being awarded funds from across the region.