Gift a tree in your name

$5.00 AUD
Approx $3.28 USD


For the price of a flat white, you can give someone a gift that lasts for generations.

Gift a Tree to your community for just $5. By doing this one small thing, you'll be gifting more oxygen, developing resilient wildlife habitats, providing food for people and animals, reducing the impact of manufactured carbon emissions, and improving eco systems and so much more...

All that for just $5 – sounds like excellent value to us!

Even better, these trees will be given to local volunteers who will plant your tree in the perfect place, and care for it to survive and thrive. You will even receive a digital Tree Planting Certificate.

This Christmas, TRLA have an ambitious goal – to plant 1,000 gifted trees in our local region.
Imagine the impact we could make if we all forgo just one coffee, to plant one tree! Instead of a coffee date, how about a ‘let’s donate a tree date instead!’ ( BTW we really do love coffee too, but you get what we mean, it is a small price to pay to help your local environment)

This makes a great Secret Santa Gift, or an ideal gift for the person who has everything. Gather your friends and family to get on board with you too. It’ll make them feel good too!

Let’s do this together. You gift them, we’ll get them and plant them!
Imagine the impact we could make if you decide to just give a tree!

It's a simple as this:
$100 = 20 trees
$75 = 15 trees
$50 = 10 trees
$20 = 4 trees
$10 = 2 trees
$5 = 1 tree

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Member Survey

🌿 Hey TRLA Members! 🌿
We want to hear from YOU! Help us make a bigger impact in our community and our local environment. We've put together a quick survey to find out how we can serve you better. Whether it's learning about new subjects, getting involved as a volunteer, or sharing your awesome ideas – we want to know it all!
Click the link below to fill out the survey. Your feedback is crucial for us to grow and make a difference together. Let's keep our grassroots movement strong and thriving! 💚
Thank you for being a part of Tamworth Regional Landcare Association. Together, we can achieve so much more!

Casuarina Special

Massive sale of Casuarina crisata (belah/bilaarr) and Casuarina cunninghamiania (river oak), 5 plants for $5.00. Order them here
Belah: https://square.link/u/PQXxpio7
River oak: https://square.link/u/qVRWyoMw
or head to the nursery at 300 Wallamore Road TOMORROW from 9am-2pm. 

Have your say on pest animal management in the North West

The Regional Strategic Pest Animal Plans are now out for public consultation.

LLS is asking landholders and the community to give their feedback on the draft 2024-2028 North West Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan. 

The plan will help us work together to identify, target and manage pest animals over the next 5 years. It will guide on-ground activities and programs to reduce the impact of pest animals on the environment, farming and productivity. 

Our members often say that when you become part of Landcare, you’re not just joining a group, you’re becoming part of a family. The concept is so compatible with Australian culture it’s hard not to get involved! By becoming a TRLA member, you’ll be supporting our work, learning new skills, becoming part of the solution, and helping to make a difference for the future.


together we can make a difference

funding support

Did you know (TRLA) run an Annual Small Grants program for Landcare activities connected to the Tamworth region.

Volunteer Landcare and Grassroots Community groups can apply up to $2,500 for activities that meet an objective of TRLA’s strategic plan with eight successful projects being awarded funds from across the region.